If you’ve got the time to do it badly you’ve got the time to do it badly

My wife was saying that her company has to clean up all their old posts because the old posts are bringing the quality of the website down and so that hurts it in the SEO game. If that’s the case, my SEO is in big trouble. I’m just making stuff willy nilly. But you know what, if her company didn’t make all those crappy posts to begin with, they wouldn’t have to clean anything up, because they’d all be working somewhere else because their company would have failed. So there you go. Make a bunch of content and if you can’t do it well just do it badly for five or six years and see what happens.

Good Evening

CVS said they were going to throw away my picture from 2014 if I didn’t order something soon. I was confused. Then they offered me 15 free prints if I would just answer their email so I did. I chose 15 jpegs at random to get developed as 4×6 hold-in-your-hand photographs. Now I’m getting a text every five minutes to support some candidate for president of the United States.


A Dinner Party

With no preamble, the bespectacled men scattered throughout the room, perching on table tops in strange postures.

I really lost the thread on the old I Am Strong story. Don’t worry, it’s coming back. Much like my pullups and pushups routine. I even ate breakfast today.

And more shirts. Much more shirts.

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