Conditions of My Parole

I watched videos on Copperheads and Timber Rattlesnakes so I know what to look out for out here in the wild. There’s a plant called Giant Hogsweed that if you touch the sap and then go out in the sun it’ll burn you up for two years. They got that growing out here along the road someplace. You’re supposed to call a number and have it removed by the State.

I read a story about Johnny Applessed. That guy gets no play these days. They say he walked around without a knife or a gun and trusted the animals to leave him alone and I guess they did. I remember they used to talk about that guy a lot.

There’s a guy on YouTube saying if you leave Copperheads alone they’ll leave you alone.

Burning Palo Santo

You can light up this stick of wood and make the room smell like a church. You can do that even in rented rooms. You can’t do that with tobacco.

I saved these two cats from the streets and an early grave but maybe what I really did was imprison them in these boring apartments and in that case extending their lives is an act of cruelty.

I heard Dusty Springfield sing Piece of My Heart and it made me laugh because Janis Joplin ruined that song for anyone else.


I watched the live stage recording of Hamilton this weekend, and now I’m considering whether I should waste time creating meaningless content.

People in those days didn’t have washing machines and yet managed to accomplish more than most of us. Maybe because they didn’t have push notifications and infinite scroll.

Whether or not Hamilton was a good person, and whether or not the play was historically accurate is not relevant to the feelings and thoughts that the play evokes. The play is beautiful, and so invites us to push forward towards an impossible ideal.